xcritical Review 2022: Is xcritical Broker Safe to Trade?

xcritical Review 2022: Is xcritical Broker Safe to Trade?

In other words, the spread is the difference between the buy and sell price of an asset. Indices function as a measurement of the price movements of a basket of shares from a stock exchange such as the London Stock Exchange and the New York Stock Exchange. For instance, the FTSE 100 index is a measurement of the price performance of the 100 major companies that make up the LSE. Index trading gives investors full exposure to a country’s economy or sector, with a single trade. To trade on xcritical, a user needs to open a trading account, get it verified, deposit funds, and use the xcritical and MT5 platforms for placing trades. In this process, the trader can select the instrument and place the amount easily.

https://dreamlinetrading.com/.org needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. The affiliate programme is not permitted in Spain for the commercialisation of investment services and client acquisitions by unauthorised third parties. xcritical is a brand with more than 20 years in the financial markets. xcritical xcritical trading platform The latest version of MetaTrader. Moreover, when you open a xcritical account and deposit a minimum of €100 you could receive a welcome bonus of up to $10,000. After your initial deposit, you will be required to upload documents for verification purposes such as proof of identity and residence. Newly registered accounts usually take 3 business days to process.


The technical analyses also suffer from a lack of supporting materials, such as charts. Step 2 – After that, you can log in to your client portal for the first time. By clicking the ‘My Accounts’ button that can be found in the settings menu at the top-right corner, you can choose what type of an account to open .


The broker has a large assortment of instruments that can be traded as Contracts for Difference or CFD options. Newbies can also take advantage of this exposure to multiple markets to gain a nuanced understanding of how assets from different classes differ. The majority of CFD and forex trading platforms offer commission-free trading but this comes with spreads. On the other hand, xcritical facilitates zero spread trading while some instruments such as Options CFDs can be traded on a zero-commission and zero spread basis. xcritical demo accounts have €50,000 provided in the form of virtual money.

Similarly, this platform is known for offering high stability to its traders. By ensuring peace of mind, traders can use xcritical tools and automated trading options like experts. Listing services to create favorites and customize these lists based on the most frequently traded assets. The xcritical mobile app is available on both iOS and Android platforms. xcritical trading services are monitored and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. The parent company – Indication Investments Ltd., is also based in Cyprus.

All of the payment methods integrated by xcritical are regulated . Most deposits are processed instantaneously, while withdrawals take 1 to 3 business days to complete. The broker does not charge anything for deposits, but third-party fees may apply for withdrawals. Operating since 1997, xcritical is a brand with more than 20 years of financial market and online-trading experience and is one of the best online trading CFD platforms. To sign up for a live trading account you will need to enter your email address and a password via the mobile app sign up dialog or via the web platform or site. Alternatively, you can use your Facebook details to create a trading account.

Can I trade with leverage on xcritical?

The most important support and resistance levels are highlighted, though the absence of a supporting chart makes it more difficult to appreciate the trading setup. When trading Contracts for Difference , positions can be opened for a fraction of their value because of the leverage. Essentially, the broker lends the trader money so that the latter can open bigger-sized positions. The leverage multiplies the profits a trader generates from winning positions and losses incurred from failed trades.


xcritical provides the MetaTrader platform to unlock several unique trading strategies. It also runs completely web-based trading tools where no downloads are required. The platform offers a free demo account for retail investor accounts. Most brokers usually have several account types with different features in order to cater to the needs of a greater number of traders with different goals, needs, and means on the market. Therefore, it is a trader’s responsibility to pick the account type that best matches their approach to trading. xcritical was awarded an average mark in the Deposit and Withdrawal category. The broker has a wide range of payment methods, including credit, and debit cards, wire transfers and e-wallets.

Types of xcritical Accounts

Existing platforms such as cTrader are not supported, but xcritical has created its own trading interface designed with customized tools and trader insights. This platform also integrates the services of MetaTrader platforms. xcritical broker has its own bespoke platform for clients who use xcritical and xcritical for trading with a wide range of features and functions. xcritical xcritical, xcritical MT5, and app are the three key trading platforms provided by this broker.

Fast withdrawals are one of the best features of this platform. With more than 30 years in the finance brokerage industry, this company is known for its trustworthy platform. It is a leading market-making broker and takes the trading experience to a new level. As per this xcritical review, the platform is also popular for charging low commissions against lucrative spreads. Several online xcritical reviews claim that this fully regulated online broker is fair and a strong avenue for trading more than 200 assets. Therefore, xcritical emerges as a sought-after choice for retail investor accounts across different industries and countries around the world. The xcritical brokers’ mobile app and web platform both come with charting features and in-depth technical analysis services for all markets.

Simply put, to gain full market exposure only a portion of the position’s cost needs to be deposited as margin. xcritical is protected by end-to-end multi-layered SSL encryption.

Crude Oil Makes a Volatile Splash

Available from the client portal, the analyses represent a brief outlook of the current trading setups on a given instrument. They briefly explain the underlying driving factors of price action, thereby contextualising its behaviour against the broader market sentiment.

How do I add money to my xcritical demo?

How do I add funds to my demo trading account? To add funds to your demo trading account, go to Account Summary under the 'Accounts' section of your secure User Area. Scroll down the page to go to your 'Demo Accounts' section.

This page may not include all available products, all companies or all services. In 2010, the capital of Forex Club Financial Company, Inc. did not correspond to the licensing requirements. Company management explained that the license capital is frozen, and that the company was trying to keep it at the minimum acceptable level. According to the Vice President of Forex Club FС Piotr Tatarnikov, the main cause of capital decrease was the growth of client positions. In June 2015 Forex Club launched the trading platform xcritical.

This includes a wide range of stocks, cryptos, indices, ETFs, and more. Based on the asset and the trade, the fees start from 0.008%, particularly on popular currency pairs. The commissions come in between 0.47% and 2.5% for cryptocurrency trades. The competitiveness of the broker’s trading fees varies significantly from asset class to asset class.

The views and opinions expressed in postings on this website belong solely to the author and may not reflect those of the company’s management or the official position of the company. Is a software development and integration company and does not provide financial, exchange, investment or consulting services. Comprehensive software solutions for brokerages, digital asset platforms and prop trading companies. Overall, xcritical provides a user-friendly trading platform and website for both beginner and seasoned investors.

To get a competitive advantage over their peers, traders use popular online forex and CFD brokers such as xcritical. As is common practice amongst trading platforms nowadays, xcritical supports a fully-fledged mobile trading app that is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices. This means that you can buy and sell CFD derivatives with zero spreads, and pinpoint the best trading opportunities from your mobile smartphone or tablet. Advanced traders and seasoned investors will be all too familiar with the MetaTrader suite and the plethora of trading tools and instruments that you can use.

This is achieved without having to purchase actual bars of gold. One of the biggest advantages of trading CFDs is that traders can get in and out of the market almost instantaneously, thereby catching even minute changes in the price of the derivative.

Fees Per Asset

Its large collection of cryptocurrencies which can be traded commission-free and swap-free, makes the broker particularly suitable foxcriticals with an affinity for high-volatility strategies. xcritical’s assortment of currency pairs, commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies, and indices is medium to high compared to the industry, affording access to different markets. The broker caters to the needs of different types of traders – from those with an affinity towards high-risk/high-return assets to more risk-averse traders.

In xcritical website’s case, in addition to some discrepancies in the way the trading costs are structured, the biggest difference between the various account types lies in the underlying platform. Traders have to select between the ease of use of the xcritical platform and the practicality of the xcritical and MT5 platforms.